Arizona Car Insurance Laws, Rates, and Quotes

Arizona is a spectacular place to explore by car, from the Grand Canyon to the Painted Forest, not to mention your favorite haunts close to home. For those with plans to hit the road, here’s some key information about Arizona’s auto rules and regulations.

What are average Arizona car insurance rates?

On average, car insurance in Arizona costs $102 per month or $1,222 per year. But your auto insurance quote will be custom-tailored to you. It will depend on which type of policy you choose, its deductible, what kind of vehicle you drive, as well as your driving record.

What are Arizona’s car insurance laws?

If you drive in Arizona, make sure you’re covered. You must have auto liability insurance for any vehicle you drive—regardless of whether it’s a car, a moped, or a golf cart. If you can’t show proof of coverage, you could face suspension of your driver’s license and vehicle registration.

What are Arizona minimum car insurance requirements?

To steer clear of trouble in Arizona, you must carry the following minimum car insurance coverage:

Bodily Injury Liability coverage (for injuries you cause to other people)

  • $15,000 of coverage for the death or injury of any individual
  • $30,000 total coverage for the death or injury of two or more people in a single accident

Property Damage Liability coverage (for damage to someone else’s property)

  • $10,000 of coverage for damage if you hit someone else’s vehicle or property
  • Know, too, that insurance companies notify the Arizona MVD of all new car insurance policies, as well as cancellations and non-renewals. If you’d like to temporarily suspend your coverage until a vehicle is ready to get back on the road again, you can request a Vehicle De-Insured Certificate.

Is there a new-car insurance grace period in Arizona?

No. In Arizona, you must have auto insurance coverage before you drive any vehicle, even a brand-new one.

My teenager just got a learner’s permit. Is insurance necessary?

Congratulations! They grow up fast, don’t they? Arizona simply verifies that a vehicle is insured under the owner’s name, so you don’t need coverage for your teenage driver until he or she gets a license, but it’s a good idea to talk to your insurance company about their specific policy regarding drivers with learner’s permits.

How old do you have to be to get an Arizona driver’s license?

In Arizona, teenagers can get a learner’s permit at age 15½. At age 16, they can get a driver’s license.

How can my teenager get an Arizona driver’s license?

To get an instruction permit, Arizona youngsters need to pass a written test and a vision screening. After having had the permit for at least six months, they can apply for a driver’s license. To receive it, they must have:

  • Completed at least 20 hours of supervised daytime driving
  • Also completed 10 hours of supervised nighttime driving
  • Pass a supervised road test

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