Answers to Common Insurance Questions

AAA is here to help erase any doubts you might have about what insurance coverage is right for you.

Whether you’re a new driver, a new homeowner, or are looking to earn extra income as a Lyft driver, you have questions. AAA is here to give you the answers to help erase your insurance doubt.

When I get my car, can my friends drive it?

By lending your car to someone who is not on the policy, if anything happens, your insurance is the primary insurance. If your car is in a collision where the driver is found liable, your insurance will be the first to pay the damages in most cases. The coverage is dependent on the levels of liability and collision coverage purchased on your policy. Therefore, be careful and use your judgement when lending a vehicle to a friend, especially if they are a new driver.

What if I decide to become a rideshare driver?

While rideshare companies typically cover the portion of a trip when the passengers are being transported, there is a coverage gap for the time between accepting a call and picking up a passenger. Your personal auto insurance alone does not cover this gap. A Transportation Network Company (TNC) endorsement covers this gap and keeps you covered.

So we have to have insurance before we even buy the house?

Yes, in most cases before a lender will fund your loan, you will be required to obtain a homeowners policy to secure a mortgage.

Does homeowners insurance cover our wedding rings?

Homeowners and renters insurance have limited coverage for jewelry, such as wedding or engagement rings. Not to worry, to protect these investments, an agent can schedule the rings to provide coverage for specific pieces of jewelry that you want to protect.

What happens if our house is in a flood zone?

Homeowners insurance does not cover against flood damage. If you live in a flood zone, it’s a good idea to invest in separate flood insurance coverage. Ask your agent for more information.

Can age affect a premium?

Yes, age is a factor in determining risk and pricing for insurance. As new drivers, teenagers have a higher likelihood of accident resulting in higher premiums. Members can receive a discount for their teen drivers by having them complete an online TeenSmart driving education program. Ask an agent for more information.

Are my glasses covered under my homeowners policy?

It depends. If the glasses are misplaced, they are typically not covered under a homeowners policy. Coverage for broken glasses would only be covered if accidental damage coverage is selected. In the cases where they were covered, such as theft, the cost of the glasses will be lower than the deducible so it would just worth buying a new pair. For very expensive glasses, the agent should schedule the glasses and identify in which situations they would be covered. Ask an agent for more information.